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11 - 12 June 2021
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Since 2013, Marnaz celebrates the blues...

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Edition 7
7 - 8 June 2019
Edition number 7 has been colored with the colors of the European Union !
2019: the year of the Betta Blues Society on the big stage !
Edition 6
8 - 9 June 2018
Edition number 6 ! Mixed weather for a weekend of hell !
A children's concert under the marquee, but an infallible good humor !
Edition 5
9 - 10 June 2017
The blues night finally becomes LES NUITS BLUES on this 5th edition !
2 days of festival thanks to the enthusiasm of the public !
Edition 4
3 June 2016
La Nuit Blues de Marnaz: 4th edition
The festival is starting to make itself heard outside the marinerotes borders!
Edition 3
5 June 2015
Night Blues Edition 3: English and American bands only!
Always with our talented Richie Faret in graphics ...
Edition 2
6 June 2014
Second edition of Nuit Blues.
An evening with the American Wes Mackey as guest.
Edition 1
7 June 2013
The very first edition of Nuits Blues! We remember it as if it were yesterday ...
There were 4 artists on the program, including Cisco, our super bluesman who became the godfather of the festival.