10 - 11 June 2022
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Cultural mediation

Other vocation of the Nuits Blues

extend outside of gardens and planting seeds in other spheres at other times.
Every year Cisco Herzhaft, festival sponsor and professional bluesman, turns makes available for the city of Marnaz in May, in order to create various blues moments in the town.

Blues moments in the city

With students

A formula with schoolchildren of Marnaz’s school was founded at the start of the demonstration. Cisco their shares the history of the blues, going back to the roots of the genre through history fictitious of the Turner family. After this common moment, each class composes a his own piece. Cisco offers melodies, kids choose their favorite and invent words to put on it. The blues of each class is presented at the opening on Friday evening of the festival, on the large scene. It’s a way for children to soak up the event, tame it, to make it last!

For other social structures

Unpublished concerts are developed in places consistent with the spirit of the festival. In 2019 a concert blues was scheduled at the Saint-Exupéry social residence in Marnaz; residence for young unaccompanied minors from an immigrant background.

In 2021, we will offer residents of the retirement home to take advantage of this concert, in duo format this time. It is necessary to go to the front of the public who cannot move during the festival.

Do not stay on track, develop, propose new ideas to allow music to to spread: it is a new stimulation every year.

On the spot, the same day

A free musical workshop for all children take place in a festival tent on Saturday afternoon. during 2 hours and in rotation, the little ones set off to discover a musical practice: guitar, djembe, beatbox ... or electronic drums for this year ! Time for parents to have a drink and eat an ice cream !

The workshop promotes the curiosity of children vis-à-vis the practice of an instrument and who knows, develops perhaps future vocations.