7 - 8 June 2024
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The festival in figures !

2 blues days
8 bands
12 live's music hours
3 000 festival goers
50 volunteers
110 000 € global budget

The festival of
Nuits blues de Marnaz

Who is organizing this festival ?

The festival is organized by the town hall of Marnaz as well as by the parents' association of Marnaz students. (AEM.)

Each party commits money to the logistics of the event, but the town hall remains the pilot of the project: it is the decision maker, finances the biggest spending points, but transfers the benefits of the action to the AEM.

The wish of the municipal council is to involve the associations in each of its events in order to engage them in the local life of the city and to provide them with funding to be able to carry out their own actions. Thus their functioning gains in autonomy.

Finally the organization relies on the production work of the company BLUES N ’TRAD which recovers the programming and management skills of the artistic platform.

4 concepts that are dear to the festival

The singularity

We offer you a unique concept in the Arve valley, located in a unique place : the presbytery gardens. It feels good and the setting is quite rural !
It’s a place where everything was an excuse to create a different event.

Musical discovery

The blues festival program with a very broad spectrum.

Dirty blues and swing blues rub against rock, jazz, soul or country. Our proposals are limitless, hybrid, can reach all audiences without distorting the roots of the blues! Discovering groups that are not broadcast on the radio, revealing favorites for the public, it is a real mission for the organization.
The groups are unknown but recognized. They are sharp in their environment, for the most part recognized internationally. They offer affordable music for those who know nothing about the blues and who are even airtight, while charming the aficionado. In short it is quality blues, dusted and uninhibited !


The event is intended to be family-friendly, good-natured. The desire is to create a FESTIVAL identity and not only be stamped "concert." The Nuits Blues are for a while, a real place to live.

People meet there, children dance in front of the stage, friends have an aperitif, and beautiful encounters spring up there !

Free access

Accessible for all budgets and for all ages, the festival is a vector of social diversity thanks to its free admission. One of the priorities is to keep this access free.

Long live free culture !

Les Amis des Ecoles de Marnaz

Les Amis des Ecoles de Marnaz

Région Auvergne Rhone-Alpes

Région Auvergne Rhone-Alpes

La Région Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes